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Last night I had two different dreams.  

The first one, I was in school, and as I was sitting in a class, I looked over to my right, and you were sitting there.  It made me furious, because you have spent all these years hiding and avoiding me, and on the rare occasion that I found you, and tried to reach out, you have ignored me.  Of course, I don't know what else I should expect, since you ghosted me back years ago.  But in this dream, there you were, sitting there one row over.  I spoke to you, and you actually talked to me.  At some point in the class, you wrote something nice about me.  The part that makes me the most angry is that i somehow forgave you and all the years of you being a total fucking ass just melted away, and I loved you again.  Even after waking up, it still makes me angry.  Forgiving you without some really good answers and conversations about what happened is not only out of the question, but it makes me ashamed.  I am ashamed of dream me.  After that, I went to my locker and like 20 people were trying to break into it.  I opened it for them, and it was just filled with notes and details of a novel that I want to write.

That's really all I remember of that dream.  It's too much as is, and maybe on the other hand, not enough.

The next one, I was living in a place in a lush green forest.  The bottom floor was all one huge room with windows covering 3 sides.  It was an open living room / kitchen, with a porch all around.  The back wall had no windows.  It had a fireplace, and stairs behind that going up to the 2nd floor where the bedroom, etc was.  I was in the living room, working on some sort of crafting stuff.  I had green moss (like from a model train store or something, I guess?) strewn about allllll over the place.  Like tons of it.  I was listening to music while I was trying to work (no idea wtf I was doing), but people kept interrupting me.  Someone was telling me over and over that they had moved me to the "modern line" at work, so things would be slightly different.  I have no idea what that even means.

I know it had a lot more details, but that's all I kept.

Nothing else today.
Yesterday was just the same as anything.

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