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Had a weird series of dreams last night.
At first, I was on a weird train platform / subway station with my mom, and my GF.  We were rushing to try to get to a train, but we had to shove through tons and tons of elementary school kids who were in the way.  We finally got past them, and my mom made it on the train, but the doors closed right after her, and we were unable to get on.  We were going to have to wait for the next one.  As we waited, my GF gave me a gift.  It was some sort of media, but not like a CD or a DVD.  I mean it was similar, but it was a vague thing that doesn't actually exist.  I viewed it, and saw like a hidden track, or a hidden file or something.  When it was played,  I saw a thing sort of like a movie, and also, certain parts of my relationship with reality were altered at the same time.  I remember footage of a girl playing a small guitar / ukulele type thing, and her right hand had the fingers arranged on it like a central ball, with the fingers coming out of it radially, like the spokes on a wheel, or like legs on a spider.  It was impossible to tell if I was watching a video, or having an experience, or having a memory of something that had happened before.

Suddenly, I was crouching on the floor of the train station, but everything was dark and shadowy.  My GF was standing over me, trying to help me, but I was crying because in my reality, she was a rotten corpse, and all the shadows were closing in.  From there, the scene kept shifting in that same way where I couldn't tell what was real / memory / recorded, and it was a rapid fire series of different horrific scenes, and I am not remembering them very well, but they were all very detailed, and there was at least 6 of them, and they were all unrelated.  On some level, I was aware of them not being real, but I was still trapped in them and trying to understand.  They all had themes revolving around the concept of 'damnation'.  I woke up fighting and crying out at least once, but when I fell back asleep, I went back into the over all scenario.
  That went on until my alarm went off.

Saw Spiderman on Saturday.  I really want to see it again.  Any complaints I would have would be fairly minimal at worst.  I am excited to see more of the series, and what they do next.

Aside from that, it was a pretty empty weekend.  Dealt with at least 2 rounds of total nonsense.  This shit saps my energy and makes me useless for getting anything done in life.  

I guess I am the world's biggest idiot, lifetime achievement award.
Three lifetimes running.

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