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Jul. 5th, 2017 07:07 am
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Surprisingly, no flareups since last time I was here.  IDKWTF.  The only consistent thing is the inconsistency. 
Had a pretty lazy holiday. Taco Tuesday trumps 7/4, so I just enjoyed the day off and ate TT earlier than usual :P

Mowed part of the back yard before the weather became too awful to survive.  Will have to do it in chunks to avoid heat / sun damage.

Still didn't move my book shelves.  I need to do that, and stop dragging my feet on it.  Maybe I will finish cleaning them and get them ready to move today.  

I am so hungry today, and I totally forgot that I have a box of mini-donuts in my room that would have been perfect to bring to work today.  So irritated that I forgot them.

I'm going to make myself a cheesy garlic bread tonight.  I am too hungry and excited abut it.  lol
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