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I vaguely remember dreams that had something to do with cars, and possibly ghosts.
There was a lot more to it, but I didn't retain much.

Things seemed alright most of the weekend, but then Sunday evening, they suddenly and inexplicably went to shit.  
I guess it's just the usual self-hating bullshit that manifests in a way where it becomes impossible for her to understand that everyone doesn't have the same nonsense ideas and opinions about her that she has about herself.  That, and a total lack of any ability to treat other people the way that she would like to be treated.  

I could go on about it, and even hit up a lot of detail, but it's pointless.  If this mess continues on any form of the way it was last night, there will not be anything left by Wednesday.  I am so burned out on it all.  I have already shed my tears, and I really just feel sort of numb towards either outcome at this point.

I can't believe that at this point in my life I am still struggling with the same unhealthy mess out of other people.
I can't believe that I am STILL learning various shades of the "you can't save/heal/change other people."

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