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Last night I had this sprawling sort of dream that was like some march through sections of everyone that I have ever known sort of flashing by.  Like walking through a maze populated by... everyone or something.  I remember a few random instances of specifics, but most of it is vague, such as visiting people's homes, people visiting my homes, people meeting at the homes of others, or reunion type settings. I specifically remember being in a room with a group of people as waves if enemies entered.  All sorts of vile undead creatures and stuff, and we had weapons and tools and had to halt their progress.  I had done this a million times, and talked everyone through it.

I remember later, being at a sort of a mall or something near a river, and tons of people I have known were all over, waiting in lines and talking.  I was with a blond woman who had patched of metallic gold skin with rough texture.  She had a splash of it right across the middle of her face, and it could be blinding in the sun.  She didn't want to walk anymore, so I carried her, we were going somewhere specific, and could not be separated. 

There was a lot more to it, but I woke up.

Yesterday was more of the same.  I reach out into my life, and run my hands across the strings and I feel the trembling fragility of... everything.  Frail and shatterable, slowly decaying, even that has a certain kind of beauty.

Also, my folks are headed back to Canada on Friday. 

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