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 Last night, I had a dream that I had some job giving tours of houses.  I guess maybe I was a real estate agent? But it didn't really feel like that, so I don't know.  More like maybe an appraiser, or an investigator of some kind, because I wasn't trying to sell these places by any means.  I remember walking through a sprawling, ramshackle property with several other people.  We were going through totally trashed rooms, filled with all sorts of mess, when from the back of the house, a lion walked into the room with us.

The lion began to apologize, and he said that he had been doing laundry, and hadn't heard us come in.  We all went together for the rest of the tour.  The lion lived there, of course (I mean why else would he be doing his laundry there, otherwise?), and had a lot of things to tell us about the place.  I wish I could remember what they were.  We went outside into the back, and there was a cluster of swimming pools, and a basketball or tennis court or something as well. 

The water in the pools was just as bad and dirty as the house itself.  Filled with all kinds of things, toys, bicycles, old appliances...  The water was murky and dark and loaded with vegetation.  Huge lizards lurked around the area, some in the water, some not.  As we looked at all this, some other lions came kind of near, but the lion who lived there, said to ignore them, because they were wild lions, and had no business there.

After a while, the people I was with all left, and I stayed there to hang out with the lion.  We sat in big recliners, and watched TV, and he was teaching me to play the guitar.  We each had one, and just poked away at them the whole time we watched TV and had conversations

The second dream that I remember, I had to keep track of a whole bunch of ferrets, and they were just awful.  Making messes, stinking, being bastards.  Anyone who has ever had a ferret, can appreciate the trouble.  After a while of this, I got into a self-driving pickup truck with some family members.  As we rode along, some really terrible hurricane level rainstorms came up, and it got scary.  Then the roads froze over and the truck was spinning all around.  Someone climbed out the window into the back of the truck, and then jumped out onto the highway.  Eventually, we made it to a sort of valley, with a road going lower and lower, switching back and forth, sheltered from the storm.  At the bottom was a lush enchanted forest with all the green and pretty.

I never got to see what was down there, because my sleep disturbed enough to break it, then the next thing I knew, I was in a self driving car, with totally different family members, and we were traveling through a town, to some old style restaurant somewhere.  And then
I remember nothing, beyond that.

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