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I had some really intense dream last night.  I woke up because of it.  But it's all faded away and I can't even remember if it was good, bad, scary, or what.

When I got home from work yesterday, I tried to eat, and every time I put food into my mouth, it got worse and worse.  I felt nauseated and awful, and it was like trying to spoon poisoned feces into my mouth and swallow.  I choked down a little bit, and then I just had to throw it away, because it got so bad that it was impossible to keep going.  I barely ate anything.  Then I went and got in bed and watched 4 hours of YouTube videos of Spider-Man action figure reviews.  What even is my life?

I seem ok this morning.  Ate some mini-donuts, but I don't know how much that counts.  Mainly just trying to keep my stomach from being loud while at work.  

Gotta go later today and get one of the cars inspected.  I think everything should be good on it, so hopefully it's a quick in and out.  I hate it though, it really stresses me out.  

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