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 I had good rest last night, but I could have used another couple of hours, I think.

I dreamed of a different world.  I was with my family, and we had these sort of portable houses / ranger station sort of things, and we were choosing where to place them within a huge, empty, beautiful land.  I think we were each to be in charge of one, and live there, and run it as we saw fit.  We placed one of them on a huge hill (or a small mountain?  I realize that I don't know the technical difference), near where several dirt paths met.  My brother-in-law opened the building up, and started cooking massive amounts of all kinds of breakfast for everyone, like a big celebration.  A woman was there with me, and it seems like we were more than just friends.  We seemed very close.  This celebration went on for a while, with a lot of details, and then a lot of people (or everyone?) jam packed into a car, total clown style, and took off down the road.

Some big dorky, stupid guy was driving, and he had to have been the worst driver, and one of the stupidest humans, of all time.  He could not follow simple directions, instructions, or anything, and barely seemed to know how the car worked.  We debated just putting him out on the highway and being done.  Something happened, and next I knew, I was in a mall, waiting for everyone else.  I wandered into a store that had all kinds of weird carvings, from wood, bone, rock, and anything else you can imagine.  They also had things like porcupine quills, animal and human bones, weird antique knickknacks, and strange uniforms.  Some of the people in there were dressed as super heroes or something.
 I woke up as I was leaving the store.


Unexpected expenses aside (I had several this month), I got paid today, and managed to get the amount that I have to have for bills together, with about 20 bucks to live on left over.  I am counting that as a victory this round, with as tight as things have been.

One more paycheck along towards a time when things will finally improve some. only like 8.5 months left. LOL
I'm just going to take what small victories I can right now, and be happy with it. :D

Not much in other news.  This week has been a bit of a struggle with the depression, and I have been neglecting my self care due to it.  I am going to try to get my shit together today, and get back on track.

I am hoping to do a deep cleanse on my hair this weekend, and remove buildup and gunk amassed over time.  Hopefully that goes well, maybe I will write something about it Monday.

...broken wings providing what shelter they can to the world is better than one more greedy sumbitch.

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