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 I had dreams, but I've forgotten most of the details.

I remember a person who was also a cylinder with ornate scrollwork around the middle.
I remember some sort of blinky time travel.
I remember moisture and glorious cool humidity.

But I have nothing else.

The weekend went ok.  I got a good bit done with my cleaning, it's slow going with my back, and due to the nature of the situation itself.  It's more 'going through stuff and organizing' than it is simply cleaning.  I have another chiropractor apt today.  Not sure if it is the last one or not.  I guess I will find out soon.  Scraped up enough money to get one of the items I need to be able to switch to working from home.  Got the next one in my sites.  Got this cycle of bills paid.  June down.  7 more months until I have a life of some sort.  No particular flareups.  Only the incessant low key depreciation, but I don't know if that will ever stop.  It's a lesson, if nothing else.  A lesson to remind me how grateful I am that I decided to teach myself to stop destroying myself a long time ago.  I can't even imagine trying to keep going on with all that self loathing weighing me down.

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